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Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer

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Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer

Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer
Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: Yao Ju Xiang
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20ton
Price: USD:250/ton
Packaging Details: Ton package
Delivery Time: 7~14 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: One month 3000ton

Silicon aluminum calcium alloy Deoxidizer

Si: ≥30% Ca: ≥15%
Al: 4-6 C: <4
H2O: <0.5%

Silicon aluminum calcium deoxidizer is a new type of steelmaking auxiliary material, which is added to the ladle during the steelmaking process. Its main component reacts with the aluminum oxide produced by the deoxidation process of metallic aluminum, thereby removing aluminum oxide inclusions, overcoming the disadvantages of aluminum deoxidation, and eliminating nozzle nodules. Silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer has the characteristics of low cost, simple process, and high component hit rate. The steel plates produced have high welding quality, low crack sensitivity, and high tensile strength. It is suitable for deoxidation in various forms of steelmaking, especially in converter steelmaking. It has strong deoxygenation and desulfurization effects, which can effectively improve the flow performance of molten steel and solve the problem of nozzle nodulation. Reduce gas in steel and reduce inclusions in molten steel. The main principle is that the calcium in this product can transform the oxides in the molten steel into deoxygenated products with low melting points that are easy to float, purifying the steel liquid. In addition, the use of this product has a simple operating process, improves the alloy addition rate, reduces alloy consumption, and lowers the cost of raw materials per ton of steel. The cost of ordinary carbon steel is around 2-4 yuan/ton of steel, and alloy steel is around 5-10 yuan/ton. And improve product quality, with significant economic and social benefits. When used in electric furnaces for reduction deoxidation, it can replace silicon powder, silicon, aluminum, and barium, greatly reducing steelmaking costs.

The silicon aluminum calcium balls produced by our factory are made of high-quality materials that are uniformly stirred and pressed for synthesis. They have functions such as rapid slag formation, arc embedding, slag making, absorption of steel inclusions, and desulfurization. They have strong deoxygenation and desulfurization effects, which can reduce gas in steel and inclusions. This product is made by selecting various raw materials and pressing them into spherical shapes, generating minerals mainly composed of CaO · Al2O3. A large amount of calcified components can react with oxygen and sulfur in molten steel to produce low melting point and easy to float products, achieving the goal of purifying molten steel. In ladle refining, it can effectively shorten the steelmaking time, have a strong ability to absorb non-metallic inclusions in steel, and have a significant effect on purifying molten steel.

There are three methods for using silicon aluminum calcium deoxidizer

The first method is to add one-third of the molten steel to the ladle at once, which can achieve the best effect because the silicon manganese, silicon iron, and other elements at the bottom of the ladle have undergone preliminary deoxidation. Adding at this time is more conducive to the deep deoxidation of silicon, aluminum, and calcium.

The second method is to add silicon iron and silicon manganese together at the bottom of the ladle to achieve comprehensive deoxidation.

The third method is to add half of the silicon aluminum calcium to the bottom of the ladle, and add the other half of the silicon aluminum calcium to the third part of the ladle when the molten steel reaches it. This can also have a good effect on deep deoxidation.

Product features:

1. Reasonable chemical composition is beneficial for quickly slagging and shortening smelting time.

2. Due to its fast slag formation, it can reduce smelting time and electricity consumption.

3. Reduce the consumption of refractory materials in steel ladles, increase the service life of the ladle, and increase the service life of the furnace top.

4. Has good desulfurization and deoxygenation effects.

5. Due to its low melting point, it has a good adsorption effect on impurities during argon blowing in the ladle and the tapping process of the electric furnace. 6. This product also has multiple deoxidizing components, which have the characteristics of low melting point and fast diffusion, fully deoxidizing and promoting desulfurization.

7. The calcium based elements in this product can effectively spheroidize the morphology of impurities in molten steel. So as to purify the molten steel.

8. The ingredients are stable, uniform, smoke-free, dust-free, odorless, and fluorine-free, and do not cause harm to the health of operators. It can be produced and packaged according to the indicators required by users.

In addition, our company can also customize and produce metallurgical furnace materials of various specifications and indicators according to customer requirements.


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