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Composite refining slag

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Composite refining slag

Composite refining slag
Composite refining slag Composite refining slag Composite refining slag Composite refining slag Composite refining slag

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: yao juxiang
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20ton
Price: USD:200/ton
Packaging Details: Ton packaging
Delivery Time: 7-14days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3000ton

Composite refining slag

Cao: 40-45 AL2O3: 30-40
MgO: ≤5 SIO2: ≤5
H2O: ≤0.5

Electromelted calcium aluminate, also known as pre melted refined slag or pre melted aluminum calcium slag, has been widely used in developed countries such as South Korea, Japan, Europe and America. Our company produces electric fused calcium aluminate with uniform chemical composition, low melting point, fast melting speed, which can shorten the smelting time; Free of fluorine, non corrosive to furnace lining and ladle; Compact structure, non absorbent, and convenient for storage and transportation in warehouses; Due to its stable phase and fast slag formation, it can reduce dust pollution to steel plants and comprehensively stabilize the refining process; Free of impurities such as hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon, which is beneficial for improving the quality of steel. It has been confirmed by users that the stability curve function of our electric fused calcium aluminate product over time is almost a straight line. Avoiding many maladaptive phenomena caused by wavy and serrated curve functions in metallurgical production of medium and low-end products (sintered products, cupola products).

In addition, we can also organize mass production based on the chemical composition requested by users and keep it confidential for them.


When deoxidation is the main method, the bottom of the ladle is directly added before steelmaking; The addition amount is determined by the carbon content of the endpoint molten steel, and is generally added as 4-6 kg/1000kg of steel; Before 1/4 of steelmaking, conventional addition of manganese iron, silicon iron, and aluminum; After steelmaking, carbon structural steel is usually added with manganese and ferrosilicon, without the need to add other alloys or aluminum for wire feeding. The molten steel inside the ladle only needs to be refined by blowing argon; By using this product for deoxygenation, the amount of carbon enhancing agent (silicon carbide) can be reduced by 30-50%

When desulfurization is the main method, 1/3 of the amount of Queliang should be added to the bottom of the package in advance, but it must be added to the impact position of the steel flow at the bottom of the package; Add 2/3 of the amount as the molten steel flows out; The usage amount of 6-8kg/1000kg steel is determined based on the original sulfur content of the molten steel and the effectiveness of use.

Mainly used for LF furnace, open hearth furnace, and converter ladle refining to remove impurities such as sulfur and oxygen from molten steel, reduce the content of harmful elements and impurities in steel, suitable for ordinary carbon steel, high carbon steel, high and low alloy steel.

Technical indicators of refined slag balls:






















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