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Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag

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Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag

Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag
Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag

Large Image :  Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: yao juxiang
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20ton
Price: USD:160/ton
Packaging Details: Ton packaging
Delivery Time: 7-14days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: One month 3000ton

Calcium aluminate Sintered refining slag

CaO: 45-50% Al2O3: 35-40%
SiO2: <4% S: <0.1%
H2O: <0.5%

The sintered and pre melted refined slag (calcium aluminate) produced by our factory is synthesized by sintering or melting high-quality materials. It has the functions of rapid slag formation, arc embedding, slag making, and absorption of steel inclusions for desulfurization. It has strong deoxygenation and desulfurization effects, which can reduce gas in steel and impurities. This product is carefully selected from various raw materials for sintering or melting, generating minerals mainly composed of 12CaO · 7Al2O3, with a content greater than 85%. A large amount of calcified components can react with oxygen and sulfur in molten steel to produce products with low melting points and easy to float, achieving the goal of purifying molten steel. In ladle refining, it can effectively shorten the steelmaking time, have a strong ability to absorb non-metallic inclusions in steel, and have a significant effect on purifying molten steel.

Product features:

1. Reasonable chemical composition is beneficial for quickly slagging and shortening smelting time.

2. Due to its fast slag formation, it can reduce the power consumption of refining time.

3. Reduce the consumption of refractory materials in steel ladles and increase their service life.

4. Has good desulfurization and deoxygenation effects.

5. Due to its low melting point, it has a good adsorption effect on impurities during argon blowing in the ladle and the tapping process of the electric furnace.

6. The ingredients are stable and uniform, and can be produced and packaged according to user needs.

7. Low melting point, fast melting speed, shortened refining time, and reduced refining power consumption.

8. (Sintered refining slag) has good fluidity, strong ability to desulfurization and remove inclusions.

9. No flames, low dust, and good safety during use.

10. Non absorbent, non powdering, and will not spoil during storage and transportation.

11. The submerged arc effect of sintered refined slag is good, reducing the burning corrosion of the arc on the furnace and improving the service life of the ladle.










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