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Refined submerged arc synthesis slag

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Refined submerged arc synthesis slag

Refined submerged arc synthesis slag
Refined submerged arc synthesis slag Refined submerged arc synthesis slag Refined submerged arc synthesis slag Refined submerged arc synthesis slag Refined submerged arc synthesis slag

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: Yao Juxiang
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20ton
Price: USD:230/ton
Packaging Details: Ton packaging
Delivery Time: 7-14days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: One month 3000ton

Refined submerged arc synthesis slag

CaO: 39~49% Al2O3: 30~45%
SiO2: ≤7%

Diffusion deoxidizer and foaming agent can be used at the refining furnace station, and can also be added to the slag surface after the initial steelmaking is completed, with a dosage of 0.3-0.6kg/t steel. The refined submerged arc slag (slag promoter) produced by our company has the characteristics of carbon free, low sulfur phosphorus, low addition amount, good foaming effect, and no damage to the basic slag system. Refined submerged arc slag has good foaming function, and different groups of foaming in the ingredients have a hierarchical order, with a long foaming duration. Refining submerged arc slag has a certain ability of surface tension of refining slag, which makes the production of submerged arc bubbles have good stability. Refined submerged arc slag has good submerged arc effect during electric heating.

Performance characteristics:

1. Being able to achieve submerged arc operation can greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace, accelerate the heating rate, and significantly reduce the radiation of the arc on the furnace lining, significantly improving the service life of the lining.

2. High desulfurization rate, with an average desulfurization rate of ≥ 70% and a maximum of 90%; Moreover, it can achieve the smelting of ultra-low sulfur steel, and when the original [S] is less than 0.01%, the refined molten steel [S] can reach a level of 20ppm.

3. Has good ability to adsorb non-metallic inclusions.

4. The ingredients of fluorine free slag and low fluorine slag can effectively reduce the pollution of fluorine to the environment.

5. During the electric heating period of the refining process (10-20 minutes), the refined submerged arc slag can foam in a timely, continuous, and stable manner.

6. Satisfying the refining submerged arc process, the thickness of the submerged arc slag is 150-200mm.

7. Refining submerged arc slag effectively improves the heating efficiency of LF furnace, reduces the variation amplitude of refining secondary current, and reduces refining arc noise.

8. Effectively extending the service life of the slag line lining in the ladle.

Main physical and chemical indicators:








melting point









In addition, our company can customize and produce metallurgical furnace materials of various specifications and indicators according to customer requirements.

Applicable scope:

Refined submerged arc synthesis slag can be used for desulfurization and deoxygenation in LF furnace, CAS-OB and RH refining processes, and can also be made into powder for desulfurization and deoxygenation of molten steel by powder injection.

4, After using refined submerged arc synthesis slag, the following effects can be achieved:

1. Accelerating the slag formation rate and improving the desulfurization kinetics can shorten the refining time by 10-15 minutes, and reduce electricity consumption and electrode consumption by 50O/ton steel and 0.7kg/ton steel, respectively;

2. Improve the desulfurization efficiency of refining furnaces, especially suitable for deep desulfurization. Due to the preparation of components with higher alkalinity than CaO in the slag, the desulfurization rate is increased by 10-20% compared to traditional processes; For steel with an original [S] of 0.01-0.015%, refining can keep [S] below 0.005%.

3. Can increase the service life of ladle refining furnace lining by 10-30%.

4. Can reduce [H] by 1-1.5ppm in steel.

5. Can reduce the total refining cost of LF by 10-15 yuan/ton of steel


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