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Refining furnace composite deoxidizer

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Refining furnace composite deoxidizer

Refining furnace composite deoxidizer
Refining furnace composite deoxidizer Refining furnace composite deoxidizer Refining furnace composite deoxidizer Refining furnace composite deoxidizer Refining furnace composite deoxidizer

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: Yao Juxiang
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20ton
Price: USD:230/ton
Packaging Details: Ton packaging
Delivery Time: 7-14days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: One month 3000ton

Refining furnace composite deoxidizer


Refining furnace composite deoxidizer

This product is a substitute for traditional silicon iron powder, calcium carbide, carbon powder, and silicon carbide. It has a fast deoxidation reaction, fast formation of white slag, shortened (refining) reduction time, reduced material consumption, reduced environmental pollution, and improved working conditions. This product has strong deoxygenation and desulfurization capabilities, which can change the distribution of inclusions in steel, refine grains, improve alloy recovery rate, improve mechanical properties of steel, enhance steel quality, and play an important role in improving the comprehensive economic benefits of electric furnaces.

Usage requirements:

① The melting and oxidation periods shall be carried out according to the operating procedures;

② After the formation of thin slag, this product is added, and the amount of addition depends on the amount of molten steel and furnace conditions. It is added in 2-3 batches with an interval of 5-7 minutes between each batch, maintaining the reducibility and positive pressure of the furnace gas. The total amount added is ≤ 3.5kg/ton of steel.

Usage effect:

① The speed of white slag formation is fast, shortening the smelting time, and at the same time, the desulfurization effect is good.

② Reduce power consumption and improve the service life of furnace lining and cover.

③ Reducing the amount of fluorite and reducing the concentration of toxic gas fluorine is beneficial for environmental protection.

④ It can reduce the aging tendency of steel. Because aluminum and nitrogen can generate stable AIN, which can prevent the formation and precipitation of iron nitride, it can greatly reduce the aging tendency of steel.

⑤ Refine the grain size of steel. Due to the addition of aluminum for deoxidation, small dispersed AlN and Al2O3 are generated in the steel. As the crystallization core, particles refine the grains. When heated in steel, AlN and Al2O3 particles can prevent austenite grain growth, obtain fine grain strength steel, and thereby improve the yield and impact toughness of the steel Aluminum can react with FeS to generate aluminum sulfide, reducing the segregation of sulfides in steel and thus improving the plasticity of steel at high temperatures.














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